Get Connected with HHS

By Lydia Gilbert

Have you downloaded the AVUHSD app from the app store yet? It’s Principal Grado’s hope that all of the students and their parents will download it. But what is this district app?

The district implemented the app in an attempt to circulate news more efficiently. They figured an app is the optimum way to do it, due to the heavy reliance that people now have on their phone. According to Grado, the AVUHSD app is a “one-stop shop for everything you need from the school, technology-wise.” Along with providing full access to Powerschool, the app is a way to keep both students and parents informed on current events at Highland.

All of the schools in the district are trying to get their student population to download the app. Quartz Hill currently has the most downloads. Highland is currently in 4th place, but we aren’t far behind! In order to inspire the students to download the app, the administration staff is doing giveaways for anyone who they see has the app. Last week, they were giving out Chik-fil-a certificates, and next Grado says they may do ice cream!

In conclusion, the AVUHSD app is “a great way to connect the school, students, and parents,” says Grado. We hope to see it on all of your phones soon! 

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