Inside Highland’s Cafeteria

By Liana Rose Lepore

Ever wonder what goes behind the counters in the cafeteria? One of the lunch ladies at Highland who has chosen to remain anonymous, had a couple of things to say about what she thought about the school’s lunch options. These busy ladies work hard everyday to supply the students here with good meals. Though some of the food options are nutritious, a lot of the other options aren’t all that healthy. Choosing a healthy meal ultimately ends up being the choice of the students.

The “quick” line has fast foods that are typically frozen, heated up then kept under heat lamps. Foods such as hamburgers, chicken patties or burritos which are not very nutritious. The regular lunch line usually has a full meals containing a protein, vegetables, fruit and a little carton of milk. Any food that is left over will be saved and used the next day if it is still edible.

These lunches are served by the lunch ladies who agree that though some of these foods are nutritious, they all lack in flavor.  The anonymous lunch lady says that the kids getting lunch would help their jobs if they could actually eat the foods they pick. One thing that was also mentioned was the fact that the students should be kinder to the lunch staff, as they are just doing their jobs by serving the students of Highland their choice of meals.