Counseling Helps Students with College Applications

By Johnathan Burton

November 3, 2017, during sixth period, Ms. Moya, the head counselor at Highland, held a presentation in the Student Union for any senior with interest in applying for the University of California. Moya and other counselors from the district have met with the staff of UC system, bringing back important application information for seniors.

Moya explained how to apply for a UC school. During the event, many students took avid interest to the information. Before beginning, Moya has also provided a link to the powerpoint, if anyone who wanted to  go to UC site to review the information themselves.

Moya talked first about the many steps a student needs to take, in order to apply for any UC school.  The UC system began accepting applications in August; but November 1st through the 30th, was the critical period for students to apply to UC.

Moya stressed the importance of being accurate when filling out applications. Students should not try to go by memory when filling out your application. Moya made it very clear that when it comes to the statement of application integrity, academic scores, test scores, courses taken, activities outside of school, and the verification of application information, everything should be extremely accurate, since all UC campuses will have access to all records of any individual applying; and also any records of accomplishments said individuals have done.

In addition, students should note that that if their application shows that they have taken the SAT, ACT, AP tests or both, then they have an higher chance of also getting accepted. A person’s overall GPA, will be considered, as well as each year’s grades. Students should remember to include any and all clubs or organizations that they have taken part of, to show the UCs not only their social accomplishments, but also the different types of subjects students have interest in. Make a note to provide a personal phone number and email contact so the UC can keep you informed of  any news regarding their campuses. Giving this accurate information to UC and any college or universities helps them determine whether you are a student they are looking for their campus.

Once an individual has compiled all the important information needed and decided which UC campus is best for them, it is time to begin the process of registration. For a quick and easy way to register, students should go to the website provided here. It is highly suggested that an individual uses their personal email address; however also note that only one email address should be used for applications. Once an email and password has been created, it is time to register on the UC admission webpage provided above. Once done registering, check the email provided filters, and set (if already not) the email to accept any and all UC emails. Also note to please click on the fall term of next year, since most UC colleges will be open in the fall term. Accept any and all scholarships that the UC admission site that the website will offer, to better the chances of being accepted.

Once doing all the hard work, next will come an even harder task, known as the personal insight question. The personal insight questions are important, since the information provided will give rich background information of an individual. The personal insight question, like many other questions being asked, has a criteria that must be met. Any freshman applicants must choose  4 out of 8 questions to answer; and they must be answered with a maximum of 350 words per each question. In addition, note that none of these question will give an individual an advantage of disadvantage when applying.

The final process, and the most rewarding, is the submitting the application that took an individual more than two hours to fill out. Once done doing that, a sense of accomplishment should be felt, and then instantly crushed with self doubt. Luckily, an individual will have the option to review and check to see if any information was left out. This should hopefully help deal with the self doubt and anxiety; however please also note that all application being sent out to the any UC campus, costs seventy dollars. Luckily, if money is a problem, then fill out the information for a fee waiver, if you have not already. In addition, they will also ask for a parent’s contact information, for any other personal information.

The counselors hope that any seniors interested in applying to any UC campus, will browse the PowerPoint, link given above. Students who have any personal questions about applying for college should contact Moya in the counselor offices, next to the nurse’s office.