Highland Remembers 9/11

By Johnathan Burton

September 11, 2017, at around 7:27 am, many students and staff gathered in the theatre room near the east entrance of Highland High School. Teachers had the option of taking their students to the ceremony. The event featured a lot of ROTC students.

Once everyone settled, the ceremony began with Highland’s choir singing, “O Aveverun Corpus” and “ Fir the Beauty of Earth.” After their performance, a female ROTC member went on stage to address the audience. After addressing the audience, choir performed our national anthem as an arrangement that Mr. Crocker created. Once the performance was over, four ROTC members that were already on stage saluted towards the audience and did a march off stage, similar to a military column.

After marching off stage, another ROTC member played, “10 yrs. I Miss You Daddy”, on YouTube for the audience. Once the video ended, our principal, Chris Grado went on stage to talk about where and what he was doing when the abhorrent events of 9/11 occurred. Once he was done a young ROTC member went on stage and read his powerful poem to the audience voicing their emotions towards 9/11. A tribute was made to an old ROTC member/student that died in Iraq in the form of a place next to our flag pole.

Afterwards, choir came up on stage again and sung, “God Bless America”, which included two young soloists named Jelari Luke and Madison Sweeny. At the end of their performance, the whole choir group sang “Mansions of the Land” as their last song of the ceremony. They then close up the ceremony by telling the audience about the ribbon and paper under each seat that includes the names and ages of those who died during and after the attack.

Let this ceremony be a reminder of the tragedy that struck our nation during September 9th of 2001. Remember those who have fallen, and how their deaths have changed America’s future. Remember to keep this day within your heart. Remember to never forget.