Saddle Up, Bulldogs!

By Anya Rutty Turner

The life of a member of Highland High School’s Hero Club never stops and seem to have no limits. September 16, 2017, the Hero Club decided to give back to their community and to the disabled people of Antelope Valley at Saddle Up Therapeutic Riding Stables.

Our knights in shining armor went to volunteer at the stables. There, they proceeded to work, where they providing their services and created a very relaxing atmosphere. With no complaints, they worked hard to maintain healthy living spaces for the horses of the stables.

“I got to to help out these people with keeping their horses clean and well… we lowered their workload by 10 hours,” said Cassandra Sedillo, who herself got to enjoy this event. “It’s a great chance to learn patience and the feeling that you helped give part of your time to people that really did need it.”

Saddle Up Therapeutic Riding Stables have been serving fun experience to disabled people since 1990 and still thrives today. At these stables, people with disabilities get to enjoy the interaction between themselves and the horses. “We strive to improve a student’s self-confidence, muscle relaxation, strength and flexibility, and enhance balance and coordination,” as stated on their website.

Doing something is one thing, doing something with a purpose is another. Once again, Hero Club has made us at Highland very proud of them for putting someone else’s needs over theirs. Just by them being there, they made the lives of the people at Saddle Up easier. Thank you for your selfless actions, Hero Club!