Senior Sunrise Starts Early

By Anya Rutty Turner

At Highland High, we have developed a symbolic tradition for the seniors to come together to watch the rising of the sun. But what is the celebration? Nothing other than Senior Sunrise. So on August 25, 2017 at 5:30 AM, the students sat in the bleachers of the football field as the sun rose to greet and welcome them to this experience.

Seniors bundled up in their comfy blankets, eating Krispy Kreme donuts, feeling bliss being surrounded by friends and people alike. Why would the students do so much for a simple sunrise that they could watch from the window of their bedroom, and what are they gaining from this? This event represents the beginning of the senior’s journey to adulthood. Maybe even an opportunity for forgiveness and a new life. Each of them came to Senior Sunrise to celebrate their last year of high school, knowing that they won’t get another chance like this one.

“This experience made me feel like I was growing up,” said Erin Mieure when asked about her feeling about the event. “I would say that this experience is one of the most memorable but there’s still more to come.”

“I thought it was pretty good,” responded Jasmine Hall. “It means that this is a moment to remember… you realize who are your true friends…I would recommend for people to plan ahead… go with someone you’ll really enjoy it with.”

Overall, Senior Sunrise has struck the heart of many seniors. Hopefully, as the year goes on they experience more, as well as everyone else. Have a wonderful year seniors.