Sleep Well Beast: Disruptive, Dark

By Gabriel Rojas

The album Sleep Well Beast is on a darker tone then the rest of the bands previous work. This album gives off the message of every man for themselves. If you compare it to Trouble Will Find Me, the band’s previous album, the way that it gives a more intense and shadowed vibe is obvious. One of my favorite songs off the album is “Carin at the Liquor Store”. It’s about a man who falls deeply in love with a woman, but he believes he is not good enough to be with her. When he finally has an opportunity to be with her he has doubt that he isn’t good enough to be with her and she deserves much better than him.

Most sites such as Pitchfork have said that this album “is their first attempt at something new like the disruptive vibe that it gives off is much more different than the other albums or music that they have made”. They also said “The band’s seventh album adds more chaos to their stately drama. It is full of abandon and quiet contemplation as Matt Berninger sings not about how to enjoy life, but how to simply endure it.” I would have to agree with what they say. It’s a darker tone but it also is trying to say how to endure life since music has an extreme effect on a person’s life. The darker tone also makes and takes the band to a place where they can relate and help the listeners. Overall this album is really great it is on Apple Music and Spotify under Sleep Well Beast by The National.