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Hey there! Welcome to The Paw Print 2016-2017 Edition! Our goal as the school journalism team is simple: we want to give you the latest school information in an easy, functional, and fun way. Here you will find a ton of short and sweet weekly information on school activities, clubs, events, departments, and other fun stuff we throw in. We hope you enjoy this year’s edition of The Paw Print! Our staff is working hard every day to pump out fresh and reliable content for you to learn from and love! Happy reading and enjoy the school year!

Meet Our Staff

Meet the people behind the news! You can find each member’s contact information in their little sections. If you want to share some love and support, share a good story idea, or have a question about an article or event, email them at any time. They will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Ayanna Cuevas

Ayanna Cuevas is an award-winning journalist. Just kidding! Well, at least not yet, but she really does enjoy writing. Aside from writing, she loves her sport, which is probably your sport’s punishment, running. Running for miles is her thing. Since she is a senior, she really hopes to capture the most memorable high school moments with friends through writing and photos. Best of luck girl!

Email: 159636@students.avhsd.org 

Managing Editor

Mariana Luna

Hi Highland Bulldogs! My name is Mariana Luna. I am a senior at Highland High school. I am a very friendly, authentic person. I am very into anime and I love to draw. If you know me, you would also know I am extremely into music and I am always listening to it.

Email: 159416@students.avhsd.org

Campus Life Editor

Madison Westerling

Maddie is a senior at Highland High School. She is a very happy and outgoing person. She has been on the school swim team for two years and on the cheer squad for one. She is a lifeguard and loves to spend her paychecks shopping for clothes.

Twitter: Princess_Madds


Features Editor & Twitter Manager

Al’Layjah Jordan

Hey, I’m Al’Layjah Jordan. I’m African-American and Black Lives Matter. I’m a senior at Highland High School. I play basketball and I’m looking forward to graduating and going to college. My favorite snacks are gummy bears and hot Cheetos. My favorite color is purple. And I love music.

Email: 160194@students.avhsd.org

Sports Editor

Chiara Juni

Chiara Juni is a senior that plays varsity volleyball for Highland. She enjoys writing, playing volleyball, and being with her friends. She tries her best to work towards her goals while maintaining her humorous but weird personality. Chiara hopes to graduate Highland and attend the University of Oregon to chase her dreams of being a psychologist and journalist.


 Arts & Entertainment Editor

Gregory Conley 

Gregory Conley is a senior (a super-advanced Freshman) at Highland.  He is an individual who consumes air and loves to write articles/stories.  Gregory likes to have a good time, tell jokes, and consume food.  Greg hopes to bring forth astonishing articles this year to benefit The Paw Print in his final hurrah of high school.  

Email: 160408@students.avhsd.org

Photo & Video Editor

Sierra Hartman

Sierra Hartman is a senior at Highland High school . She has a love for music . Sierra is one of the nicest people you’ll meet. One of Sierra’s favorite artist is Justin Bieber. Sierra also loves to watch the TV show, Bob’s Burgers and Catfish. Sierra’s personality is mostly outgoing and very caring .
You can follow her on twitter @sierraalol


General Reporters

Leslie Rodriguez

Leslie Rodriguez grew up in Palmdale, not really knowing much beyond desert and Joshua trees, she’s only known Palmdale and Palmdale only. Send her down to LA or an area besides Palmdale and you better believe she will get lost. Leslie is now a junior at 15 and taking AP classes. Her interests are pretty expansive, especially with music. She likes to listen to R&B soul/rap, Kpop, Icelandic music, Indie, you name it! She wants to do cosmetology in the future, she upped her confidence by recently losing about 50 pounds. Go girl!

Email: 180068@students.avhsd.org


Zihomora Abergo

Zihomara Abrego is a senior at Highland High school. She loves music and listens to almost every genre. Most of her time is spent hanging out with friends or family. Her favorite place to be would be lying in the sand at the beach or eating at her favorite at her restaurants. Zihomara hopes to have a good senior year to finish off high school.  

Email: 160309@students.avhsd.org

Kayla Smith

Kayla Smith is an African American who attends Highland High School as a senior. She has gone there for all four years. She runs Track and Field on the varsity team. Her favorite fast food restaurant is Wing Stop. When she goes there she likes to order boneless wings, half lemon pepper and the other half buffalo style.

Email: 160385@students.avhsd.org

        Bianca Rios 

Bianca is always in a good mood when she is listens to music and is a part of the Jacob Whitesides fandom. She enjoys going to and winning tickets to concerts or TV events, she actually wants to be a part of the entertainment industry whether it is for the acting or interviewing or even working with an actor. Her plan after high school is to continue her YouTube channel Bianca Rios and try to grow it. She also wants to go to college for journalism and entertainment and attempt to get an internship with Ryan Seacrest or E! News.

  Email : 184472@students.avhsd.org

        Michael Davis 

Michael Devis is 16 years old, he grew up in West Covina and moved to Lancaster in the 8th grade. He has a passion for baseball and animals. He hopes to play college baseball and major in zoology. Michael is very active in sports.He plays basketball and baseball for Highland High School. He chose journalism because he loves to interview people and loves to write interesting stories.

Email: 157639@students.avhsd.org

   Jolena Basulto

Joleana Basulto is 17 years old. She’s currently a senior. Joleana Is 5’0, and loves to meet new people. She has a positive and strong mindset. She’s a very friendly person. If you have someone in mind that we should interview please feel free to email Joleana at 159596@students.avhsd.org.

Leo Carrillo 

My name is Leo Carrillo and I’m 17 y/o and currently a senior. I’m super chill and nice and I like to have fun with friends and family. All I want is to make it big in life and motivate myself to do better. I’m adventurous and like to do athletic things like hiking ,camping ,and cliff diving.  I’m super independent and can be a team leader at times. I love roller coasters so if your ever at Sixflags you will most likely catch me there.  

Email: 159431@students.avhsd.org

Ilieth Vanegas

My name is Ilieth Vanegas and I am currently a senior. I enjoy bowling and going out to eat. I aspire to become a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and help others overcome obstacles they face every day.

Email: 159681@students.avhsd.org


Michelle Flores

My name is Michelle Flores I’m currently a senior at highland and super excited to graduate! This is my first year in journalism and this is also the first time I will be writing anything like this. I consider myself outgoing, I like to talk to new people, and I like to laugh. In my free time I enjoy practicing and trying new things with makeup.

Email: 159498@students.avhsd.org

Michael Padilla 

Michael Padilla is a freshman and currently attending Highland High School. He previously attended SOAR academy and some of his hobbies include playing tennis and basketball and eating food. Michael’s favorite school subject is math.


Joseph Cantila

Joseph Cantila is a freshman at Highland High School. He likes to play basketball and he swims. He chose to take journalism because he enjoys writing and interviewing others.

Email: 101958@students.avhsd.org


Ms. Hamill

Since earning her B.A. and M.A. in creative writing at university, Ms. Hamill has taught English at Highland High School for the last 18 years. She loves literature, music, travel and fine food. In the summer, she’s generally abroad, touring ancient castle ruins or dining on local fare at some street side cafe. During the school year, when she’s not working, she’s either hunched over a computer writing a novel or hunched over her Kindle reading someone else’s.

Email: dhamill@avhsd.org