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Hey there! Welcome to The Paw Print 2017-2018 Edition! Our goal as the school journalism team is simple: we want to give you the latest school information in an easy, functional, and fun way. Here you will find weekly information on school activities, clubs, events, departments, and other fun stuff we throw in. We hope you enjoy this year’s edition of The Paw Print! Our staff is working hard every day to pump out fresh and reliable content for you to learn about and help you stay involved in our community! Happy reading and enjoy the school year!

Meet Our Staff

Meet the people behind the news! You can find each member’s contact information in their little sections. If you want to share some love and support, share a good story idea, or have a question about an article or event, email them at any time. They will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Lydia Gilbert

Lydia Gilbert is a bright young writer of this year’s junior class with a number of fervent passions and goals. She is absolutely in love with reading, writing, music, fashion, cats, the color yellow, big cities, and (oddly enough) mathematics. After high school, Lydia has plans to head off to college in New York City and study fashion. She is looking forward to bringing the students at Highland a fun and captivating paper this year!

Email: 190201@students.avhsd.org 

Managing Editor

Liana Rose Lepore

Liana Lepore is a senior here at HHS and she enjoys traveling, watching movies and going to concerts. She is a very caring person and hopes to help out wherever she can. A couple of Liana’s favorite foods are chicken wings and sushi. She also does love trying new things. She truly enjoys makeup and has been told that she is pretty good at it. Liana is a firm believer in “live and let live”.

Email: 181333@students.avhsd.org

Campus Life Editor

Ranan Haynes

Ranan Haynes is a junior at Highland. He plays volleyball and runs. Ranan enjoys watching movies and listening to music. He loves listening to No Doubt, Stevie Nicks, and Norah Jones. His favorite movies are Practical Magic, The Parent Trap, and Easy A. He is very cool and loves shopping for vintage clothes and reading about fashion.

Email: 192837@students.avhsd.org

Features Editor

Johnathan Burton

Hey have you heard about Johnathan Burton? He is in the 11th grade and says that he is also already tired of it. He is the type of person to love a lot of different things, and dislikes few. He decided to join journalism to expand his horizons and get involved in different clubs and school functions. He also is very sociable and does not mind being approached for any comments on the newspaper, as well as any suggestions for the features column. Also, be warned that he is not much of a morning person, so you may have to repeat your comments and suggestion repeatedly in the mornings.

Email: 192858@students.avhsd.org

Sports Editor

Kylah Phillips

Kylah Phillips is a junior who plays on the Highland varsity volleyball team. She spends her free time doing the things she lovesreading and writing (poetry especially). She loves to watch anime and is a big fan of cinematography. She is very open-minded and enthusiastic towards learning about the things that interest her or that she does not understand. Kylah is determined to attend the college of her dreams, UC Davis, where she hopes to become a certified veterinarian!

Email: 188381@students.avhsd.org

 Arts & Entertainment Editor

Gabriel Rojas 

Gabriel is a junior at Highland High school. He is a baseball lover, music lover, and video game lover whose dream is to become a professional baseball player. He loves reading it; doesn’t matter the genre, he will still read any book you give him as long as it has a good story. He spends most of his free time with family, playing video games, practicing baseball, or reading. He is a big fan of the Yankees, Royals, and Blue Jays. Also, he isn’t too bad looking. 

Email: 108355@students.avhsd.org

Opinion/Editorial Editor

Vanessa Daubney

Vanessa Daubney is a senior and has enjoyed writing since she learned about it in second grade. Over the years, she has developed a love for reading and writing imagery stories and poetry. She also enjoys dogs, lots of dogs.

Email: 181738@students.avhsd.org

Photo Editor

Melisa Corletto

Melisa Corletto is a junior here at HHS. Over the past year she writes as a past time to escape from real life problems. She’s a music lover and loves to travel. She spends most of her time reading/writing and spending time with her dog. She hopes to be able to better her writing this year.

Email: 190987@students.avhsd.org

Desert Scribe Editor

Destiny McCaslin

Destiny McCaslin, band correspondent, age 16. Has most access to the band program, band events, and all things having to do with band program. Writes as a hobby, and ironically prefers peace and quiet. Can often be found lurking in the fiction sections of various libraries.

Email: 177853@students.avhsd.org

General Reporters

Vanessa Sovereign

Most of Vanessa’s friends call her “Nessa”. Vanessa really likes music, she is obsessed with Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello. She listens to all kinds of different music. She likes to embarrass her friends by singing her music really loudly when they are walking to class together. Vanessa laughs at her own jokes. She thinks that she is the funniest person she knows. She is not always so good at holding a conversation, or even starting a conversation. She is really good at being awkward. In fact, she thinks she deserves some kind of award for it. 

Email: 191086@students.avhsd.org

Brooke Hernandez

Brooke is currently an HHS junior. She loves music and she is an old soul. Brooke wishes to pursue a career in culinary arts or design. She loves giving and aspires to inspire.

Email: 190136@students.avhsd.org

Sidney Chinchilla Burgos

Sidney is a junior. She loves reading, is a big music enthusiast, and her happiest state of mind is at a concert. After high school, Sidney wants to go to college to be a certified medical assistant. She love the vintage lifestyle. Her favorite TV show is Teen Wolf and her top 3 favorite bands of all time are Catfish and the Bottlemen, The 1975, and The Neighbourhood. Also, Sidney is a really shy person but once you talk to her, she will ease up.

Email: 189982@students.avhsd.org

Anya Rutty Turner

Anya Rutty-Turner is currently a senior. She is from small city in New Jersey and her favorite color is turquoise. Anya enjoys writing, reading, dancing, singing, scary movies and making corny jokes. She dislikes heights and cold weather. She hopes to graduate this year with no regrets and knowing that she accomplished all of the goals that she has set for herself.

Email: 195362@students.avhsd.org

Nathalia Gonzalez Barraza

Nathalia Gonzalez Barraza was raised within a multicultural household, her dad a Flemish man, her mom from Northern Mexico, so languages have been a priority for her. She modestly brags about knowing seven languages, because honestly who wouldn’t?  Her life has been a series of moving from place to place. However, she prefers to maintain a small group of friends. She’s athletic and involved in sports, including rhythmic gymnastics. She successfully competed for her birth country’s Junior National Team, and achieved victories at the world championships. She runs track and field and plays tennis. Besides being active, she reads books, and whether they are fiction, history, science, or classics, it doesn’t matter, she always ends up hooked. She loves everything outdoors, and being politically active.

Email: 100116@students.avhsd.org


Ms. Hamill

Since earning her B.A. and M.A. in creative writing at university, Ms. Hamill has taught English at Highland High School for the last 18 years. She loves literature, music, travel and fine food. In the summer, she’s generally abroad, touring ancient castle ruins or dining on local fare at some street side cafe. During the school year, when she’s not working, she’s either hunched over a computer writing a novel or hunched over her Kindle reading someone else’s.

Email: dhamill@avhsd.org